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For answers to your questions and concerns regarding your meter, the submeter conversion process, and more, Jet Utilities is here to help. We are the trusted name in the industry with over a decade of professional experience and a focus on our clients.

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What are the laws concerning the submeter conversion process?

See if you can find your city here; if not, check the laws in your state. Laws vary from state to state and some states have very specific requirements about the submeter conversion process. Review your local statutes and make sure you comply with all regulations to prevent costly mistakes. Jet Utilities can walk you through the process and help to avoid pitfalls.

How do I choose the right meter?

Choosing the right meter is one of the most important decisions you will make when you submeter your property. When it comes to meters, the old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies. The less expensive plastic and composite meters will not last nearly as long as a solid brass meter. The last thing you want to do is purchase replacement meters every couple of years due to failure and inaccuracy. Jet Utilities uses solid brass, low lead (exceeds 2014 NSF standards) meters that carry a 25 year warranty.

What is an AMR system?

The AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) is the “brains” of the submeter method. The system automatically records data from the meter for billing or troubleshooting.

How do I choose the right AMR system?

There are many choices available and most are designed for municipalities that have full time staff for reading meters. Jet Utilities uses the leading technology for residential submeters to ensure you never have to read a meter manually. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring that sends alerts for tampering, non-advancing, and even potential leaks.

How can I find an experienced installer?

Installing your new submeter system is a big project and every individual dwelling can present its own unique set of challenges. Jet Utilities specializes in installing and maintaining residential submeter systems. We have in-house journeyman plumbers who are dedicated to each project. They have the experience to adapt to these challenges and ensure that 100% of the metered utility is captured. Check out our reviews to read what others are saying about us and our service.

How do I choose the right utility billing company?

Utility bill preparation and calculation can be very time consuming for a property manager. In some cases, it can almost be a full time job once a month. Jet Utilities has skilled staff and a sophisticated set of tools to ensure that each person gets an accurate and easy to read statement. In some states, these costs can even be passed through to your tenants. We are a full-service utility billing company.

Our service includes:

  • Bill preparation and calculation
  • Custom invoicing and payment remittance


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